Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm BACK and snarkier than EVER!

It's been a long long LONG hiatus from snarkitecture. What has this intrepid architectural adventurer been doing this entire time you ask? The biggest event this past year has been a move away from decaying midwestern city, to a frenetic maelstrom of a metropolis (also located in the midwest). And by frenetic, I mean full of bad (and good) architecture. Couple that with a new relationship, and other what-nots, and this critic has been happier than ever. That pretty much means that these recent rainbows of joy have slightly crippled his pervasive angst that constantly threatens to demolish the aesthetically offensive. HOWEVER, now that things have settled down and life has regained it tarnished character, this critical eye is ready to start anew. Follow the comeback V2.0....

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