Monday, November 29, 2010


This woman seriously annoys the $hit out of me. Every building she does looks as though the future decided to eat every casino in Las Vegas and crap it out full force into every news source willing to publish it. It's not only her. The people who constantly push this type of architecture as progress are also to blame. It's a personal belief that people who laud these type of starchitects tend to fancy themselves "in the know" but deep down inside really suffer from an incredible sense of architectural inferiority complex justifying nonsensical creations with avant garde archi-speak. Can you say overrated?


  1. As entertaining and well written as your comment is I disagree. Shopping malls, strip centers and the unlimited supply of bad residential builders should lie in your crosshairs. Not something where time, careful consideration and planning went into both design and construction.

  2. I agree with you with the fact that those structures litter the landscape of our collective environment and should be better considered, and yes, those items are well criticized in this blog.

    My problem with Zaha and others of her ilk lies in the fact that her buildings and her ideas are not an end to themselves. She, much like other well known architects (see sidebar) serve as inspiration to future and current designers who see them as beacons of the avant garde and representative of the idea of progress. I don't doubt her vision as something revolutionary. I doubt her vision in terms of influence and ultimately, longevity.

    What she espouses in every project, and in every lecture is this sense of the idea being more important than the context. Rather than experiencing the building and the functions that it serves, you experience her mind, and in a strange sense, her ego. In effect, her architecture is not optimistically humanist. Instead, it's dangerously self serving.