Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new blog for snarky design types...

Ever walk down the street, look up, and see hideous details on a house or a building? You wonder, "there's just something off. What on earth were the homeowners/designers smoking?". I get that thought all the time strolling through slob-urbia, where coincidentally, most design faux pas occur. Perhaps it's a McMansion's or stripmall's way of slapping on some sort of fake tan history to a building (see the use of classical columns on 90% of residential streets or gleaming white styrofoam "stone" details on gas stations), that irked me to start this blog. It's basically a rant against bad design, stemming from a lack of historical understanding. Stay tuned for slicing commentary on modern life, suburbia, soccer moms, and corporate America all in the guise of architectural criticism. After all, in these tough times, if you can't live affluently, you might as well criticize the gaudy.

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